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Deere Apprenticeships offer fully-funded training and skills for the unemployed to help gain the skills that employers are looking for and help into sustained employment.  
Deere Apprenticeships offer fully-funded training for the unemployed to help those gain the skills that employers are looking for and help into sustained employment.  

Delivery is on a part-time basis and will not affect any benefits you are currently claiming. 
We currently deliver across the East Midlands and the North East offering a range of qualifications to kick start your career;
  • Workskills 
  • Personal Development for Employment
  • Functional Skills (Maths, English, ICT)
  • Preperation for Universal Credit
Our Workskills certificate offers a range of bite-sized units from Entry 3 – level 2 that give the learner a key insight into which jobs to apply for and helpful tips in interview preparation. 
Personal Development for Employment

Focusing on fundamental requirements of what Employers are looking for in a very competitive market. Our PDE course gives an insight on how to stand out from the rest.  

Functional Skills
Edexcel Functional skills are qualifications in English, maths and ICT that equip learners with the basic practical skills required in everyday life, education and the workplace. They are available at Entry, Level 1, through to Level 2. 
Preperation for Universal Credit
Eventually, all claiments will be using UC. Deere is here to help guide you through the proceess in conjunction with JCP and the importance of managing your own finances.  
See below some of our case studies.
Case Studies
Workskills and Functional Skills
Functional Skills
What we Offer
What We Offer
   Training to develop your workforce

Deere Apprenticeships will work with you to identify training packages, usually through Government funded Apprenticeship schemes, that will improve overall business performance

   Support you with the Apprenticeship Levy

The new Apprenticeship Levy will fundamentally change how larger business fund their Apprenticeship training, we will work with you to plan your training to maximise the amount of funding you can claim against the Levy your organisation might pay

   Recruit your new Apprentice

We will create a job description to reflect the role, identify the appropriate Apprenticeship framework, advertise the vacancy and assist with the screening/selection process

   Assist with filling job vacancies

Deere Apprenticeships have strong links with Job Centre Plus and Community Groups to deliver employability skills to unemployed adults, many of these learners will be ideal to fill your current job vacancies