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Our Deere Alumni page is for past students to leave their comments on their courses and experiences. We are looking to hear about those learners who gained employment after coming on a course, or got a promotion due to the new skills or increased confidence, where it might have helped you personally

Adrian Loizou
25th June 2019
I was nervous about the course at the start, but Suzanne made it much easier to settle in and understand the questions and tasks. By the end I felt more confident about customer service.
Gary May
25th June 2019
I have recently made an application with HMRC. The post is relevant to this course, so I do sincerely believe that the course will give me the best chance to secure a position. It has armed me with the tools necessary to have the best chance of being successful.
Eleanor Johnson
25th June 2019
Overall, I found the course to be very enriching and I feel I have learned a lot. Also working in small groups, I feel like my confidence has been improved.
Krystina Green
25th June 2019
I found the course a little harder than the previous, but I was determined to stick it out. I was not sure about the new people but during the course I got more confident with the work and the people. I am glad I came on this course, I really enjoyed it.
Katie Coulter
25th June 2019
I have overall enjoyed the whole course and feel I have learnt a lot about customer service.
Dawn Lockwood
25th June 2019
At first, I was nervous and wondered if I would like it. I really enjoyed the course as I had a good feeling working in groups. It was different for me, but they made me feel welcome. I have learnt positives and negatives on how to treat customers. It was actually fun, and Suzanne made me believe I could do anything, I feel good I did this, but I will miss it.
Lisa Fisher
25th June 2019
On the first day I felt out of my comfort zone, but I soon felt better and enjoyed working in groups. I liked the fun activities and we had a laugh. I feel my confidence has been built up, Thank you!
Katie Copeland
25th June 2019
At the start I felt excited as I hade been on a course with Suzanne before, I felt comfortable and had fun with the funny stories at the end. I feel down now as I won't be here next week
Milena Andreeva
25th June 2019
When I started, I didn't know much about customer service job positions. During the course we've done a lot of practise to and we definitely know how we have to act, what behaviour or attitude we have to have if we decide to change our career path to customer service. Now I can say I am prepared to go for the next level on customer service.
Jenny Jones
25th June 2019
I was feeling happy when I went on the course, I felt different in a way. Then it got harder and I was happy when I finished. I would like to do another course.
Debbie German
25th June 2019
At the start of the customer service course I felt nervous and worried during the course, it got better I didn't feel as nervous or worried because I was made to feel at ease. Now I'm pleased I finished the course; it's made me feel like I have achieved something.
Julie Norman
25th June 2019
When I started the course, I was very keen since I enjoy lectures and studying to gain new skills. The group was a good size 10-15 people, there was a nice atmosphere with everyone interacting well. The course was intense but in a good way. It was motivational and helped me to retain the information. Now I feel much more enlightened with respect to customer service. I have a job interview with HMRC and this course has really helped me to prepare for interview questions, Thank you very much! It was helpful learning business language ,the lingo of business/customer service. It helps me to sound more professional in an interview by using appropriate terms.
Perry Warden
25th June 2019
At the start I was feeling a bit apprehensive, but I soon got into the course and enjoyed it very much. I now feel a lot more confident in my approach to a working environment.
Steven Cotterill
14th June 2019
The course was delivered very well and was explained what to expect from us. The daily classes were set out and if we needed help the tutor helped us. The other people that were on the course were respectful and friendly and helpful. The resources we used were always available. I would definitely do another course with Deere should I need to and would certainly recommend friends to them. I would like to say a big thank you to Andy Norwood for all his help and support while I was taking part on the course
Lorraine spence
14th June 2019
A good course to attend to gain a better understanding a chance to revist skills and knowledge to help myself in the future. All great!
Jake Henson
14th June 2019
I really liked the course a lot and I would recommend to people without question. Its a good way to top up and learn and Andy get the best out of everyone and its a laugh!
Glyndon Peters
14th June 2019
I enjoyed the coures that deere apprenticeships set, I learned more on my Maths and English than I ever thought I could.. The teacher Andy was a great help with helping everyone along their path. Really enjoyed them all thanks
Ann Oldham
14th June 2019
Being on this course with Andy I have gained great confidence and enjoyed the course I have learned a lot and Andy always made sure I understand what I needed to do. His support is the best I have had on any other course with the job centre. Never thought I could do it.
13th June 2019
I attended the employability course with Catherine. This is a very helpful course for those looking for employment. Lots of help and information is given. It is particularly helpful if you want or need to brush up on interview skills. I think it has helped build confidence for many that attended the course.Highly recommended, great friendly tutor and helpful course.
Gar Hay
13th June 2019
Course taken was employability course, overall was very helpful especially if you've been unemployed for awhile. Arrived nervous as most people do, however tutor and group made it very accommodating, especially the tutor Catherine, she showed a friendly and helpful nature always given everyone a chance to improve and offering help when needed
13th June 2019
The course was well formatted and interesting. The tutor was very good at explaining, and always had time to answer any questions. I felt that the course was a positive experience, and the things learned will be of use to me during my future job searching.
Inga Lejniece
13th June 2019
I am very grateful for Employability Level 1 course. It helped me build up my confidence, thinking about what are my strength, my knowledge and experience. Tutor Catherine was great teaching, she was understanding, calm and patient.. I recommend for everyone. Thank you
Milena Andreeva
12th June 2019
As English is my second language I worried about my speaking and listening exam but Suzanne spent so much time helping me to prepare and feel comfortable I shouldn't have panicked. Because she believes in you its hard not to believe in yourself I feel this qualification will really help me in finding employment and the time goes so quickly and you are enjoying it. Thank you for bringing the sunshine!
Katie Coulter
12th June 2019
When we talked about maths my tummy flipped and straight away my barrier was back that we had broken down in the other course. Suzanne helped me realise my own barrier I could control it put it up or down so I worked to have a positive approach and lift it up . as soon as I did, the Maths became easier to understand as I was open to it, not gonna lie I even enjoyed it. With the rules to remember the mode mean and median, also the tricks to work out percentages will help me shopping in the sales! Thanks for another great course I'm happy to be on customer service with you as the laughs continue and I get another qualification
12th June 2019
I hated Maths at school and I was so anxious about English and spellings and also talking in groups. Failing wasn't an option as Suzanne always said do your best and try something can get you something be positive and try. So I did and feel like she knew me and how to get the best from me thank you just for caring and staying behind to help me it was just what I needed.
7th June 2019
I wasn't looking forward to doing a Maths an English course. At school I felt under pressure and would hide in myself instead of answering questions or trying. Like the other courses Suzanne made me believe in me, just like she believed. She spent extra time with me doing one on one time and knew how to make me comfortable. I never thought I would pass a speaking and listening exam as I feel stressed and anxious in groups. im so proud of myself thank you Suzanne you made me feel special
Sophie King
4th June 2019
The course was very helpful some of the things I found hard was talked about and I then found them easier to understand I would recommend this course to everyone that wants to get better with their maths and english

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