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Our Deere Alumni page is for past students to leave their comments on their courses and experiences. We are looking to hear about those learners who gained employment after coming on a course, or got a promotion due to the new skills or increased confidence, where it might have helped you personally

Anthony Green
25th April 2019
The PDE course has given me a lot more confidence in inetrviews and my new CV should help me get these.
Antony Rogerson
25th April 2019
I have enjoyed the PDE course and I will take away new interview skills, a new CV and cover letter. Scott is a good tutor and came across clearly and politely.
Andrew Groves
25th April 2019
I enjoyed the PDE course and learned some useful tips and information such as interview skills. The tutor Scott was helpful and put everyone at ease, which made for a good learning atmosphere.
Katie Foulstone
25th April 2019
I learned more about finance and interview skills from the PDE course. The course duration was a good pace and I got positive feedback from the tutor who helped a lot., such an outstanding tutor who used the best ways for everyone in the class to learn, therefore it was a good experience. I would recommend the course to others,
Mark Hazell
25th April 2019
The PDE course was very enjoyable and met my expectations, it was very illuminating and I learned how to get my foot in the door with employers. I learned a lot about how to improve my CV and cover letter. Scott Flinton was brilliant all the way through, he is a very good teacher who put me at ease immediately.
Anthony Fawcett
25th April 2019
I enjoyed the PDE course and learned how to write a good CV and have good interview skills. Everything was explained well in a good, relaxed manner and managed to engage with everyone.
Daniel Naylor
25th April 2019
I enjoyed the PDE course a lot. I learned how to make a detailed CV and cover letter, effective communication skills and how best to prepare for interviews, including what questions to ask. I was more than impressed with the course tutor Scott Flinton, he was helpful, laid back and helped explain everything in a clear and easy to understand way. I would and have recommended both the course and tutor.
5th April 2019
Suzanne is extremely good at her job and always has a positive attitude. You can't help but start feeling more positive too. Thanks
5th April 2019
When I started the course I was unsure about it and the benefits it would bring me. I found it very useful and got important information from it and useful skills thatc I have learnt.I have developed a much better understanding of how to cope woth finances and how to apply for a job and keep my Cv up to datewoth all important information and skills. I have now finished my course and leave with a sense of purpose and much more believe in my self when applying for work. I also had an interviee and got a job starting soon. Suzanne was very posirive amd made the course enjoyable thankyou.
Kane Hopkin
5th April 2019
Really great course and I want to thank you for the chance to do it. I really got on with the tutor who gave me much needed confidence to complete at Level 2 and enjoyed it all very much.Would love to do more courses Andy makes you believe you can achieve what ever you want to.
Lorraine Spence
5th April 2019
I find this course very helpful encourage skills needed for the future a good opportunity to work on weakness and raise standards. Enjoyed it.
glyndon peters
5th April 2019
The course was fun and I enjoyed it all
Ann Oldham
5th April 2019
This is not the only course I have been on and I have enjoyed every bit, it was very useful and I worked hard to complete Level 1 Functional Skills.Enjoyed it very much and the tutor helped me at all times. I enjoyed learning and the tutor was really good, Andy helped a lot and made us more confident.
Gary Johnson
5th April 2019
I would like to thank you very much for the course. It was very informative and I enjoyed it all. Was nervous at times but I got through and completed everything.Supportive tutor at all times and would love to do more courses. Thanks again
John Benzie
5th April 2019
Enjoyed the focus of the course and worked towards completing Level 2 qualifications. Tutor was very supportive and worked well with everyone on the course. Happy to complete!!!
5th April 2019
I really enjoyed the course, I met some new people..and the tutor was great:-) Leaned some new ideas on possible jobs that I had thought about previously and gave me more confidence to pursue it:-),
5th April 2019
At the start of the course I felt really nervous and didn't really have the confidence to meet new people and focos on work , once the course started and I met a few people I relaxed more and could get on really well in the group , Suzanne really brought out the best in me and helped me to gain confidences to learn more .
5th April 2019
I was very anxious about attending the course, Suzanne is a warm and positive tutor, making each day more enjoyable than the last. My confidence when attending the last day is far greater than the first. I feel more self aware and confident in my abilities.
5th April 2019
I have to admit I really enjoyed this course. My tutor Suzanne (miss sparkles) had a warm welcoming manner. When I gave ideas and answers she agreed which reassured and encouraged me to be the best I can be.Thank you so much for your support and guidance
marianne sheridan
5th April 2019
When I first came to the course I thought my C.V was up to date but I found out it needed doing and Suzanne helped me to update my c.v and helped me do a cover letter. I now know what questions to ask in an interview thanks to Suzanne help.
Michelle Andrews
5th April 2019
I really enjoyed this course I learned alot about myself and all the things I am good at.
Adele Davis
4th April 2019
I have learned more about the retail sector and what skills you need to work in it. I have really enjoyed the course. Scott was very helpful in explaining things clearly so I understood it.
Gillian Smith
4th April 2019
I have enjoyed the retail course and our tutor (Scott Flinton) put me at ease and was supportive throughout. I have previous experience in retail and now have gained more knowledge about the retail sector and skills needed to work effectively.
Elizabeth Wood
4th April 2019
I have gained knowledge on the skills needed to work in the retail sector. I now know how businesses work behind the scenes so I have a better understanding of what would be expected from me as an employee in retail. Scott provided very good support throughout and has a good sense of humour.
Sanita Stirna
4th April 2019
I have learned a lot about the retail business. Scott made the course a nice, easy way to learn. I was treated fairly.
Kate Earl
4th April 2019
Scott made it very easy learning about retail.. I now know what goes on behind the scenes. Scott is a very friendly person
Michelle Cheeseman
4th April 2019
Scott is excellent at every aspect of Retail course. He is is very warm and bubbly, which makes you feel at ease and knows how to break things down so you understand it..
Claire Ambler
4th April 2019
I have learned more knowledge about the retail sector and what skills you need to work in it. Great teacher.
Janice Morley
4th April 2019
Scott always has a relaxed class atmosphere, he treats everyone the same, which helps everyone to be themselves and contribute to the class without fear of embarrassment. A very enjoyable retail course.

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