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Our Deere Alumni page is for past students to leave their comments on their courses and experiences. We are looking to hear about those learners who gained employment after coming on a course, or got a promotion due to the new skills or increased confidence, where it might have helped you personally

22nd March 2019
I suffer from severe anxiety issues and almost didn't turn up on the day we started, but as soon as I realised how enthusiastic Suzanne was and how much she went out of her way to ensure everyone was comfortable and happy I found myself looking forward to each day. It means a lot to me that you got me through this course I now feel more confident in finding and maintaining a job, I know I have more to offer Thank you very much
22nd March 2019
I was quite cautious and nervous about the first day having been on other courses where the Tutor read directly from the book. However this was not the case Suzanne's spirit proved infectious and made the sessions enjoyable and productive. I have a crafted CV and have been encouraged to reflect on my self . Suzanne's energy made topics that could have been quite mundane enjoyable and relate-able which encouraged us as a group to share our views and experiences. I was told this would be thee week course and it's a shame it was only two
22nd March 2019
At the start of the course I was filled with dread, by the end of the course I have realised that I must be more positive about the future and face my fears of computers, Suzanne helped me send emails and make my own email address I've also made enquiries about a computer course. If you could bottle the enthusiasm and positivity Suzanne brings to the course you would make a fortune! So on my last day I feel a lot more confident thank you Suzanne hope to see you on the customer service course.
Trudy R
22nd March 2019
On the first day I was very nervous and thought it was going to be the same as all the other courses, it wasnt. I learnt such a lot about skills, risks and rewards and how to prepare for a mock interview. I feel more confident and just better in myself. The course was fantastic and so was Suzanne. Ill miss this next week and wish it had been three weeks
Steve Pope
22nd March 2019
On my first day I felt ok but didnt know what it was going to be all about the training program was very good i have now a more upto date C.V. Suzanne was a brilliant tutor and very clearly spoken giving us examples and storeis to help understand and make it fun. She has helped me in applying for a job at Yatess. im now more aware of my strengths and goals and have answers to give in an interview.
Jordan Orton
15th March 2019
Really enjoyed the courses provided by Deere, worked well and gave everyone a good chance to get better and improve overall. Really thought it was great, it was nice to work as a group and achieve good qualifications. Especially the Warehousing as it gave you real life experiences that relate to most of the jobs we come across when doing job search.Good courses thanks!
Andrew Miller
15th March 2019
After completing the courses with Deere Apprenticeships, I would like to thank them for the nice nature they all made it work and how good Andy was the tutor. The warehousing qualification was really good and was nice to do something specific in terms of work.Thanks again
Mark Adderton
15th March 2019
The course was enjoyable and one of the best I have been on, the approach was very good and got the best out of people overall. Would do more courses with Andy!
Joshua Lambert
7th March 2019
I enjoyed the functional skills course as it improved my communication skills and gave me more confidence with Maths and English.
Lainey-Louise Hannah
7th March 2019
I enjoyed the functional skills course with Scott. Maths has always been a struggle for me, but Scott breaks it down into easy to understand steps.
Daksha Martin
7th March 2019
Having attended the functional skills course, I found the learning style fun and informative and I found it very helpful as it made me look back at stuff I had forgotten how to do so it was very informative.
Helen Smith
6th March 2019
I have learned mean, range and other maths on the functional skills course. The tutor made things easier to understand.
Claire Ambler
6th March 2019
I had a good two weeks on the functional skills course, fantastic tutor who made things seem easier. Great course provider.
Andrew Shelton
6th March 2019
I enjoyed the course, Scott made learning fun. I learned how to debate, basic maths formulas and punctuation skills.
Brandon Repton
6th March 2019
The functional skills course was very helpful, Scott was the best. couldn't have asked for anyone better. What i have learned is how is more about maths such as mean, range and percentages.
Kimberley Marsh
6th March 2019
I enjoyed the functional skills course, i got what I needed from it. Scott was very helpful and made learning fun.
Stevie Osbourne
6th March 2019
I was given all the help and support I needed on this course, Scott taught us to do maths without me getting stressed as we were shown how to work things out properly, therefore it was easy to understand. I would happily do more courses.
Janice Morley
6th March 2019
Scott made the functional skills course enjoyable, friendly and relaxed, combined with learning new skills. I would recommend this course to anyone who need sto brush up on Maths and English skills.
Kylie Cooke
6th March 2019
Scott was very patient with me, it takes me some time to grasps things with maths. Thank you.
Katie Shepherd
6th March 2019
I really enjoyed myself on the functional skills course, I learnt so much. Our tutor Scott is lovely and supported me with my mental health issues.
Catherine Baxter
2nd March 2019
Just wanted to say a big thank you for supporting me with both the PDE course - I got together a new CV and worked well throughout - Andy was really supportive and helps you all the way. If there are any other courses please let me know. Thanks
1st March 2019
What can I say about Suzanne she has such a positive attitude which is infectious for us all. The whole course has been a positive experience I was unsure at the beginning of what it entailed but she soon changed this and was more than happy to answer any questions. I felt listened too and valued with a heavy focus on respect. I certainly feel I now have a more professional CV and cover letter., I would now go into an interview with more confidence and would certainly make sure I was more prepared. There is absolutely no room for improvement with the course,thank you Suzanne
Dawn W
1st March 2019
Suzanne took the time to get to know me and genuinely took an interest in supporting all of us.The mock interview was very useful and it made me realise I need to sell myself much more. I learned more about myself from the 3 weeks and I feel more confident. Please let me know when the Customer service course is. As this course was brilliant and so were you.
Callie W
1st March 2019
I didn't feel comfortable at the start but Suzanne was so bubbly and shared funny stories it made me look forward t it.Suzanne made me feel positive and I know I have a CV that I read and think that's really me, where as before I sounded the same as everyone else.I'm more aware of questions to ask at an interview and I didn't know any of this before. I feel better in myself and now I'm more prepared for an interview thank you Suzanne. I really enjoyed the course especially the customer service principles unit, I can't wait for the next course the Level 1 Customer Sevice, let me know the dates :-)
1st March 2019
I was truly unsure of what to expect at the start of the course but was instantly put at ease due to Suzanne's approach and positivity. I feel more positive and that my goals can be achieved, not out of reach as I previously thought. I now have a clearer understanding of what is required to have a CV that has an impact and I truly feel I have achieved a major handle in regards to preparing for an interview. I am extremely happy with how the mock interview gave me confidence and now with Suzanne's help I can move forward. I have thoroughly enjoyed the course and look forward to seeing Suzanne again on the Level 1 Customer service course
1st March 2019
On the first day when we entered we were all welcomed and felt as if we were wanted to be there. Suzanne made us feel all relaxed and confident she oozed confidence and acted like an energiser bunny, It made the whole thing enjoyable. She got us all involved encouraging us to interact with each other which felt natural and not forced. The course was very helpful in all aspects of what it involved including customer service wise. I learnt a lot more about myself and how passionate I could be about the job I am looking for. Even though I still struggle with the first two questions on a interview I feel confident I will now overcome that issue. The course itself I feel that it was too short, and when it ended I felt like I've lost something and six friends. If the Job centre could put the Level 1 Customer Service course directly after this one ended it would be more productive because it is fresh in the learners minds and they would get more out of it because of our confidence and motivation now.

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