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Our Deere Alumni page is for past students to leave their comments on their courses and experiences. We are looking to hear about those learners who gained employment after coming on a course, or got a promotion due to the new skills or increased confidence, where it might have helped you personally

Jodie Cooper
29th January 2019
When I started the course I thought it would be a waste of time but it brought out who I really am Suzanne has a way of teaching that actually makes me want to learn and I've never had anyone have as much patience and has given me so much confidence. She always goes above and beyond helping me to complete a job application. She listens and understands I don't think I'll ever have anyone else to teach me like her. The only problem is it isn't longer
29th January 2019
I wasn't positive about this course I thought it would be like all the other courses ive been put on. it was different as I was supported and treated with respect and not like a kid. Suzanne was polite and we shared our experiences and were never judged.
Lauren Lee
29th January 2019
I have grown so much on this course, in understanding how to really apply for a job and the effort that I can apply to help myself. Suzanne is a joy to be around and her believe in my ability has really helped me attend and complete the course. Here's to the next course :-)
Stefani B
29th January 2019
I have come away from this course feeling so confident and really having a boost to my self esteem. Suzanne is such a positive person and it helps lifts you and realise you can control how you view and feel. I now feel I am ready to really apply for jobs and believe in myself and my mindset is so focused to progress. At the start of the two weeks I felt my CV and interview approach were ok now I realise there is a whole other level I can aim for. I cant wait to progress onto a functional skills course as I don't want the experience and support to end!
29th January 2019
This course has been brilliant I have been on Employability courses before and thought this would be the same just a waste of time. But I have learnt more on this course as Suzanne is a brilliant tutor, she has taken the time to spend time with me to give me support and actually listen to me. She understands people and knows a lot about different sectors and jobs. I know have a CV that really matchs me and I now feel so much more positive
Tony Bugg
28th January 2019
The course was interesting, I learnt a lot. The tutor was brilliant.
Antony Parry
28th January 2019
I am now more confident on how to find a job, Scott was outstanding with the group.
Ryan Powner
28th January 2019
The course was ok, I refreshed skills but already knew a lot of the things we went through, Scott was good, probably one of the best teachers I have had in a while.
Louise-Lainey Hannah
28th January 2019
The course was very easy going, easy tom engage with others and I enjoyed coming, I will miss the environment Scott created. I have developed valuable skills for interviews, CV's and application forms. Scott was very approachable, friendly, understanding and a joy around, he made the learning a fun experience.
Janice Morley
28th January 2019
Enjoyable course, very good. I learned how to act confident and other ways of hunting for jobs, plus improving interview skills. Scott was very good, made everyone feel welcome and we had enjoyable lessons.
Vikki Goddard
28th January 2019
I was worried that I wouldn't have the confidence to go into care work but doing this course has built up my confidence and I am comfortable in a team now so thanks Scott you were amazing, a brilliant tutor , takes his time with people, I have learnt a lot.
Kylie Cooke
28th January 2019
I found the PDE course to be great as it has given me the confidence to believe in myslef and that I can do it. I have learned skills around interview techinques. Scott was great, he helped put me at ease and supported me when I needed it.
Martin Sandwell
28th January 2019
I found the PDE course very informative, it was relevant to how it is searching for jobs today. Scott has cited things very well and helped me get ny CC up to date.
Brett Strouther
28th January 2019
This course helped me to think different when searching for jobs, like using Google maps and Google Earth. I managed to improve my interview techiques. Scott was very good, easy to talk to and he listens.
Fatiha Chowdhury
28th January 2019
The personal development course has helped me with learning more English and how to answer questions in the ineterviews.
Stevie Osbourne
28th January 2019
I have been overwhelmed with the help Scott has given me. He has helped me to go through the steps I need to take to achieve the career I wanted and helped me set out clear goals. I would happily attend more courses with Scott, he has really opened my eyes to what I can achieve, I cannot thank him enough.
Matthew Clarke
28th January 2019
I found the Personal development course very interesting and valuable, it taught me things I wasn't confident with like interview skills and support with application forms. Scott was brilliant, he explains things really well so you have a better understanding.
Billy Johnson
28th January 2019
The PDE course was very good, I learned lots of things involving the work place on how to present yourself and tips for interviews. It help me gain more confidence, this was helped by an amazing tutor, Scott has a great personality.
Krystel Repton
28th January 2019
My advisor recommended the Personal developmnet course to help with my CV and interview skills and build confidence meeting new people and it did as the tutor and group were great, really helped each other. scott was funny and laid back, if you were stuck he was always there to help, a sound tutor!
Mark Adderton
27th January 2019
Tutor was very good and easy to get on and knew how to assist and help me. Better with more people on course as difficult to get most from role plays. Course books dated. I enjoyed the course and would enrol on another one .

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