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Our Deere Alumni page is for past students to leave their comments on their courses and experiences. We are looking to hear about those learners who gained employment after coming on a course, or got a promotion due to the new skills or increased confidence, where it might have helped you personally

Christopher Stapleton
23rd May 2018
I have enjoyed the functional skills course. I know how to work out ratio and mean, which I didn't know before. I get on well with Scott, I have enjoyed learning with him.
Susan Young
23rd May 2018
Scott was very helpful and supportive, even though I found maths hard as I haven't done it for a long time, I enjoyed it. I can now do ratio, mean, percentages and measurements. Hopefully my grammar has improved.
Michelle Revill
23rd May 2018
Scott is a very good person to talk to, he is informative, friendly and keeps the course interesting. I've learnt fractions, percentages, ratio and a lot more such as area and conversions. This is the best course I have been on in a long time. English was harder than maths but Scott explained everything one or two ways.
Glen Hampson
23rd May 2018
I have enjoyed the course and i have learnt a lot.. I have progressed in both maths and English. My tutor was very helpful and easy to talk to. I found doing percentages very useful and learning about fact and opinion.
Joanne Thomas
9th May 2018
If I'm honest I was worried about this course as maths and English are not my favourite subjects, but I now feel more confident about. Scott has been very helpful and supportive throughout the course, he's very down to earth and teaches in a great way. I don't think I would have enjoyed the course or learnt as much if it wasn't for him.
Sean Lucas
9th May 2018
I have found the functional skills course really good and have been impressed at how much I have learnt. Before fractions and percentages etc. were like a foreign language but I now have a much better understanding. I really enjoyed the course.

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