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Our Deere Alumni page is for past students to leave their comments on their courses and experiences. We are looking to hear about those learners who gained employment after coming on a course, or got a promotion due to the new skills or increased confidence, where it might have helped you personally

Adrian Redman
19th October 2017
The course was very good, gained a lot of knowledge! Scott is very good at what he does!
Paul Burton
19th October 2017
I enjoyed the course very much and felt completely at ease by my tutor Scott Flinton. I also learned new ways on how to act during an interview and prepare for an interview.
Amanda Waghorne
19th October 2017
I worked to improve my interview skills and I now understand how to best prepare for an interview.
Chelsea Rushton
19th October 2017
The course was really helpful, Scott's teaching was really good, he helped me to understand how to use the internet for my job search.
Amy Walker
19th October 2017
I recently attended an employability course with Andy. It was very helpful, left me feeling up to date with regulations, and helped me focus on my skills and weaknesses and how to improve them. He has a great style of teaching, very friendly and approachable and most of all makes it fun.
Bethany Wilde
19th October 2017
I am very happy I have completed all of my Level 3 in management and Level 2 Maths which I did not think I would achieve after failing my first exam. The support I have received throughout this course has been great from both Gabi Andrews and Tracey Scandella. I knew if I ever needed help or did not understand the criteria I could phone/email them and receive guidance. I thoroughly enjoyed completing this course. Thank you for all of your help Tracey and Gabi! Bethany Wilde :)
Karen Ramage
19th October 2017
I found the tutors very supportive and understanding.... the information given was very accurate and precise.
Alan Dean
18th October 2017
Andy Norwood is my Tutor, very good explaining course work and very supportive when time is an issue and his flexibility is very helpful.
kimbo walster
18th October 2017
when I 1st heard about the courses I was unsure as I haven't got any qualifications and I'm quite a shy low confident person but Andy Norwood soon made sure I put a stop on being so hard on my self and start believing in myself Andy Norwood kept pushing me and pushing me and even helped after the course had finished I've gained more qualifications with Andy than anyone else he always puts others before himself and will go above and beyond to make everyone succeed
Amy Burton
18th October 2017
I did a maths and English course in Mansfield with Andy, the course was really good, everyone had a laugh with each other and our tutor Andy, he is very friendly and easy to approach if you have any problems, learnt more than I thought I would and had fun doing it, great tutor, great course.
Amy Whitt
15th October 2017
Thank you for all your help and understanding, especially considering my circumstances, you have given me support and guidnace throughout.I feel I have learnt more about my own knowledge in the area and the apprenticeship has supported me in areas I thought I knew but clearly did not. It has helped identify my weaknesses and strengths as well as given me the self-belief I could complete it.
Sophie Machin
15th October 2017
I feel I have learnt a lot about my job role during this apprenticeship and it has helped my confidence and gave me more knowledge. Thank you for all your help, patience and understanding Scott, you have helped me believe I could successfully complete this.
Natasha Ingall
15th October 2017
I really enjoyed this apprenticeship, I feel I learnt a lot from the work we have done, especially learning how to deal with difficult situations which I was not confident with to start. I feel I have grown within my role whilst doing this course and all the information and knowledge has been used in my day to day role. My assessor Scott has been very helpful and supportive throughout the apprenticeship, this has helped me as whenever I needed anything he has been there to give help and guidance.
Zoe Martin
15th October 2017
Having not studied for many years it was interesting to see how methods have changed. The course content and requirements were well explained through detailed assessment plans. Resources were sparce but the units were very useful to me aswell as the on the job guidance from Scott during visits, I was able to ask questions and gather information. Overall my course went well and I have learnt new skills and knowledge of which will be valuable in my job role.
Emma Rooke
15th October 2017
I am pleased to have completed my apprenticeship. I feel my assessor (Scott) has always set tasks for me with a realistic deadline to achieve the work set. I have developed new skills in Customer Service and I feel I am better equiped in this sector after completing this apprenticeship. I have been able to draw on the knowledge developed and use it in real life circumstances, dealing with customers appropriately, providing the best service to my customers.
Jessica Stone
15th October 2017
I think I have progressed considerably over the course of my apprenticeship and working at JTomlinson. I have learnt the trade of a construction company and the process of how the industry aims to win bids from contractors. My apprenticeship has helped me to understand in more depth the elements of the business industry, such as questions during meetings, continuous improvement techniques and methods of problem solving. I am satisfied with the progress I have made and I am now aiming to increase my development in JTomlinson and possibly other apprenticeship opportunities.

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