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What is an Apprenticeship?
Apprenticeships are an excellent way of gaining qualifications and workplace experience. As an employee, you can earn as you learn and you gain practical skills from the workplace. 
What are the entry requirements of an Apprenticeship?
Different Apprenticeships have different entry requirements. However the most important requirements are that: 
  • You must be living in England and not taking part in full-time education
  • You must be aged 16 or over
  • If you took GCSEs more than five years ago, or you don’t have good GCSE grades in Maths and English, you will need to take Functional Skills tests.
What types of Apprenticeships do we offer? 
Apprenticeships are available in Customer Service, Business & Administration, Team Leading and Management, Warehousing. These can generally be offered at level 2 and 3:
  • Intermediate Level Apprenticeships
  • Advanced Level Apprenticeships
How is learning done through an Apprenticeship?
An Apprenticeship is essentially a set of qualifications called a ‘framework’ developed by Sector Skills Councils. Most Apprenticeship frameworks follow a standard format that comprises: 
  • A National Vocational Qualification (e.g. Level 2 for Intermediate Level Apprenticeships, Level 3 for Advanced Level Apprenticeships).
  • Key Transferable Skills -  through personal learning and thinking skills and employee rights and responsibilities.
  • A Technical Certificate.
  • Functional Skills – English Maths and ICT.
The learning provider provides the knowledge and develops skills while the employer provides the practical experience to put those skills to the test

​What is the Apprenticeship Levy?
From April 2017 any employer with an annual payroll of over £3m will pay into the Apprenticeship Levy to fund their Apprenticeship Training.  The funds available through the Apprenticeship Levy can only be spent on Apprenticeship Training, it does not cover the salary costs of employing Apprentices.

Those with a payroll less than £3m annually will be required to pay 10% of the costs towards Apprenticeship Training from May 2017.

The Apprenticeship Levy is a tax against all businesses, however given there is a £15k tax allowance, it means only those employers with a payroll over £3m annually will pay into the Levy.  The Levy is calculated at 0.5% of your total salary bill (including wages, bonuses and pension contributions) less the £15k allowance, and will be payable from April 2017 through monthly HMRC returns. 

The Government will top up each monthly Levy payment by 10%, to increase the amount of funds available to spend on Apprenticeship Training.  Please visit the Levy tab at the top of the screen to find out more.

What is an Apprenticeship Standard?
Apprenticeship Training is changing, the current Apprenticeship Frameworks are being replaced by Apprenticeship Standards that have been developed by employers to be sector specific to job roles.  The new Apprenticeship Standards have an independent end assessment, which will be graded as fail/pass/merit/distinction.  Some Apprenticeship Standards have a qualification as part of the programme, whereas some are just about the skills and knowledge required within the End Point Assessment.
What we Offer
What We Offer
   Training to develop your workforce

Deere Apprenticeships will work with you to identify training packages, usually through Government funded Apprenticeship schemes, that will improve overall business performance

   Support you with the Apprenticeship Levy

The new Apprenticeship Levy will fundamentally change how larger business fund their Apprenticeship training, we will work with you to plan your training to maximise the amount of funding you can claim against the Levy your organisation might pay

   Recruit your new Apprentice

We will create a job description to reflect the role, identify the appropriate Apprenticeship framework, advertise the vacancy and assist with the screening/selection process

   Assist with filling job vacancies

Deere Apprenticeships have strong links with Job Centre Plus and Community Groups to deliver employability skills to unemployed adults, many of these learners will be ideal to fill your current job vacancies