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Employer Engagement Policy

1. Policy Statement
1.1 Deere Apprenticeships Limited is a training provider that provides vocational training and qualifications for our local communities.  We believe that engaging and working in partnership with the employer in their employees learning and development assists the learners in their qualification journey and ensures that their training and development is fit for purpose and is an important component in learners’ attainment of their goals.
2. Purpose
2.1 The purpose of this policy is to set out our commitment to engage employers in their employees training and development and to keep them informed on their progress and development.
3. Scope
3.1 This policy covers all training offered by Deere Apprenticeships Limited, including apprenticeships, vocational qualifications, functional skills, short courses and specialist subjects at award and certificate level.  All Employees are involved in the delivery of teaching and learning as relevant for all aspects training.
4. Roles and Responsibilities
4.1 Deere Apprenticeships Limited is responsible for ensuring that employers are engaged in     their employees learning and development and qualification journey.
Management Responsibility  
4.2 The Managing Director is responsible for ensuring that a copy of this document is available to all employees and that the policy and procedures are reviewed annually.
4.3 The Operations Director and managers are responsible for ensuring the adherence of this policy by all employees. Managers are responsible for supporting tutor/work coaches with issues with learners and involving employers as appropriate.
4.4 The Business Development Manager is responsible for ensuring the policy is available to employers on the web site and the Curriculum Manager is responsible for ensuring the policy is available for learners.
4.5 The Business Development Team are responsible for marketing the company to employers, providing them with regular updates, carrying out regular meetings dependent on employer needs and ensuring employer voice surveys are completed annually for ESFA and own Business needs.
Tutor/Work Coaches
Tutor/Work Coaches are responsible for involving employers (or their representatives) in progress reviews and maintaining good working relationships with learner workplace mentors.
5. Policy Implementation – Procedures
Deere Apprenticeships will engage and work in partnership with employers through:
Marketing & Employer Communication Processes
5.1 Marketing our service offer to potential employers.
5.2 Making employers aware of new training and development opportunities for their employees.
5.3 Providing regular reports of learner progress.
5.4 Inviting employers to take part to regular ‘Keep in touch’ meetings, dependent on employer needs – may be more often.
5.5 Measuring employer satisfaction through yearly employer surveys.
5.6 Offering training packages which respect the needs of the business as a whole and impact positively on the business
5.7 Handling enquiries promptly and efficiently and reviewing standards of customer service regularly
5.8 Managing and maintaining a data base of employer contacts
Management Processes
5.9 Providing high quality tutors and work coaches through robust recruitment and selection and training and development processes.
5.10 Co-ordinate the completion of the apprenticeship commitment statement between provider, employer and learner to set out the agreed training with the roles and responsibilities for all 3 parties.
5.11 Acting promptly to respond to feedback and/or complaints in order to improve services
5.12 Continuing to evolve and improve the training offer, offering teaching and learning strategies which motivate, stimulate and encourage the learners as well as meeting the employer’s requirements
5.13 Building bespoke training courses to meet the needs of employers.
5.14 Keeping up to date with ESFA policy and advice, External Quality Assurance, Sector Skills guidance; awarding bodies and qualifications and Informing employers of changes relevant to their business.
See also Recruitment & Selection Process
Delivery Processes
5.15 Working with employer mentors
5.16 Engaging employers with the learners to establish the required knowledge, skills and behaviours of chosen apprenticeship standard.
5.17 Completing 10 weekly progress reviews with learners and their line managers
5.18 Setting SMART targets and performance indicators which measure and monitor success and lead to an improving trend.
Quality Assurance Processes
5.19 Completing robust Internal Quality Assurance processes to ensure quality of delivery
5.20 Regular performance reviews and observations of the people delivering training   solutions
5.21 Regular review and development of the resources available for training.

See also Internal Quality Assurance Policy
What we Offer
What We Offer
   Training to develop your workforce

Deere Apprenticeships will work with you to identify training packages, usually through Government funded Apprenticeship schemes, that will improve overall business performance

   Support you with the Apprenticeship Levy

The new Apprenticeship Levy will fundamentally change how larger business fund their Apprenticeship training, we will work with you to plan your training to maximise the amount of funding you can claim against the Levy your organisation might pay

   Recruit your new Apprentice

We will create a job description to reflect the role, identify the appropriate Apprenticeship framework, advertise the vacancy and assist with the screening/selection process

   Assist with filling job vacancies

Deere Apprenticeships have strong links with Job Centre Plus and Community Groups to deliver employability skills to unemployed adults, many of these learners will be ideal to fill your current job vacancies