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Complaints Policy

It is the intention of Deere Apprenticeships and everyone who is involved with Deere Apprenticeships to resolve amicably any complaint involving Deere Apprenticeships, it’s practice and staff.
Deere Apprenticeships will deal with any complaint fairly and without prejudice providing a resolution that is acceptable by all parties involved. Complaints will be dealt with in a timely manner as laid out in the procedure table below. 
Complaints Procedure
Aim: To deal with complaints in a fair and equitable way within a given time scale.
If a complaint is required the apprentice/employer should in the first instance speak to the work coach/tutor about any concerns that they may have. If you do not receive a satisfactory response you should then follow these steps:
How to make a complaint

Step One
Write to the Operations Director (address below) within 20 days of the issue arising.  The letter should give full details of the reasons for the complaint.

Step Two
The Operations Director will:
  1. Set a date for the complaint to be considered by a complaints panel
  2. Attempt to find a solution with the individuals concerned
  3. Notify the external verifier that a complaint has been lodged (if not resolved in b) above), giving details of how it will be heard, including the composition of the complaints panel.
Step Three
The complaint’s panel will meet to consider the complaint within 20 working days of the Operations Director receiving the complaint. The panel will check that it has received full accounts from all parties involved in the issue.  The Operations Director, on behalf of the panel, will inform the candidate of the outcome of the hearing within 3 days.

Step Four
If the apprentice or employer disagrees with the outcome they have the right to complain directly to the funding/awarding body.

Carl Hardwick
Operations Director
Deere Apprenticeships Ltd.
Hexgreave Hall, Upper Hexgreave, Farnsfield
Newark on Trent, Notts NG22 8LS
Tel: 01636 372025

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February 2014
Re-adjustment to terminology
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February 2015
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What we Offer
What We Offer
   Training to develop your workforce

Deere Apprenticeships will work with you to identify training packages, usually through Government funded Apprenticeship schemes, that will improve overall business performance

   Support you with the Apprenticeship Levy

The new Apprenticeship Levy will fundamentally change how larger business fund their Apprenticeship training, we will work with you to plan your training to maximise the amount of funding you can claim against the Levy your organisation might pay

   Recruit your new Apprentice

We will create a job description to reflect the role, identify the appropriate Apprenticeship framework, advertise the vacancy and assist with the screening/selection process

   Assist with filling job vacancies

Deere Apprenticeships have strong links with Job Centre Plus and Community Groups to deliver employability skills to unemployed adults, many of these learners will be ideal to fill your current job vacancies