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About Us

Deere Apprenticeships delivers training to an employer’s workforce and to support people without employment to gain a new job through enhanced skills.  Based in Newark, Nottinghamshire we support people across the County into employment.  We deliver Apprenticeships on a National basis. We recently opened a new office in Sunderland.

Deere Apprenticeships has supported a number of employers by providing new skills to their workforce, this has been achieved through delivery of business administration, customer service, warehousing, team leading and management apprenticeships. 

Over the last 5 years Deere Apprenticeships has delivered training courses to over 2,000 learners, this includes over 50o Apprentices and 1,5000 unemployed learners, with over 25% gaining a new job as a result (see our case studies).  This has been possible through very strong relationships with key stakeholders that provide wider support to the unemployed, these include Job Centre Plus and Work Programme Providers such as Enable Nottinghamshire.
Deere Apprenticeships employs the very best trainers in the sector, and is always looking to hear from anyone who believes they have the skills required to deliver the very best training to our customers.
Offer to Employers
Deere Apprenticeships has 4 main offers to employers:
1. Development of your existing workforce by delivering training that meets the needs of your business.  Alongside the delivery of new skills crucial to your business the Apprenticeship training also allows us to assess these skills are being used in the workplace.

‚Äč2. Preparing orgnaisations for the new Apprenticeship Levy that started in April 2017 (for anyone with an annual payroll that exceeds £3m), we will work with you to plan your training to maximise the amount of funding you can claim against the Levy your business will pay.
3. Recruitment and training of a new workforce, Deere Apprenticeships can help recruit new employees to fill key operational vacancies and deliver training through the Apprenticeship framework.
4. Recruiting larger volumes we can work with local stakeholders to deliver key skills to unemployed people pre employment, therefore increasing the likelihood that employment is successful.  Training can focus on employment skills, sector specific training and English & Maths.
Workbased training offered by Deere includes; Management, Team Leading, Business Administration, Customer Service and Warehousing/Supply Chain. All training is planned to not interfere with business critical times but will deliver new skills to take any organisation forward.
What we Offer
What We Offer
   Training to develop your workforce

Deere Apprenticeships will work with you to identify training packages, usually through Government funded Apprenticeship schemes, that will improve overall business performance

   Support you with the Apprenticeship Levy

The new Apprenticeship Levy will fundamentally change how larger business fund their Apprenticeship training, we will work with you to plan your training to maximise the amount of funding you can claim against the Levy your organisation might pay

   Recruit your new Apprentice

We will create a job description to reflect the role, identify the appropriate Apprenticeship framework, advertise the vacancy and assist with the screening/selection process

   Assist with filling job vacancies

Deere Apprenticeships have strong links with Job Centre Plus and Community Groups to deliver employability skills to unemployed adults, many of these learners will be ideal to fill your current job vacancies